Tips For Applying Magnetic Eyelashes For A Natural Look

Magnetic lashes are the latest beauty trend and they are giving ladies some serious eye envy! Go for a subtle natural look or a dramatic eye effect and dazzle everyone you see. Plus, it’s super easy to learn! Want to take your beauty routine to the next level? Keep reading….

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False lashes can literally change the entire look of your face. That’s why they are so popular. It’s an easy way to amplify your beauty routine and add major impact with little effort. But lashes that you have to glue on are messy and lash extensions fall out. So what’s a girl to do?

I am not one to wear a lot of makeup anymore. I just really don’t have the time, especially with a child and waking up at 4:30 in the morning for work. I’m just not in the mood for makeup that early. I’m more of a ponytail and flip flops kinda girl anyway. But, I do like to get fixed up when i’m going out with others to dinner or to grab coffee with a friend.

My friend Meridith Giere is a rep for Toribelle Cosmetics and she is the one who introduced me to magnetic lashes. The great thing about them is you don’t have to put anything else on your face and these magnetic lashes will give you that wow factor.

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For live tutorials follow Meridith Giere on Facebook! Check out her Toribelle Cosmetics Shop and choose from all the different styles!

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They come in a variety of styles depending on what look you are going for. There is a more subtle daytime look and dramatic night time look and some styles in between. They even have individual lashes called anchors, if you want to just add a few to each eye.

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How do magnetic eyelashes work?

So, how do these magnetic lashes work? The magic is in the eyeliner. The eyeliner is magnetic too, so once you have applied the eyeliner to your lash line, all you have to do is lay the strip of lashes over it and there you have it, the lashes stick straight on!

Step by step guide to applying magnetic lashes

  1. First, apply your own mascara to your lashes making sure to get all of the inner and outer corner lashes as well.
  2. Next, use the magnetic eyeliner wand to apply the liner to the base of your lashes and slightly onto your lid.
  3. Let the liner fully dry before you put the lashes on, wait about 2 minutes.
  4. Add a second coat of the magnetic eyeliner to the base of your eyelashes, and let it dry completely.
  5. Next, starting from the inner corner, lay the strip of lashes on to the magnetic eyeliner, right past your pupil.
  6. Squeeze the magnetic lashes to your own lashes and liner.
  7. Add a couple of anchors to the inner and outer corners for some extra flair!

Pro tips for applying magnetic eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner

  1. The Toribelle magnetic lashes come with 6 magnets per strip of lashes. Most women will need to cut 1 magnet off the strip of lashes for it to fit their own eye (but make sure to keep it so you can use it as a flair at the end).
  2. You don’t want the lash to start all the way at the inner corner of your eye. When applying the lashes, start right past the pupil.
  3. No need to worry about getting the eyeliner perfectly straight because the lashes will cover it.

You can check out Meridith’s Toribelle Cosmetics shop here to find the different styles of lashes, eyeliner and mascara. Or follow her on Facebook to get more of her pro tips and Facebook live tutorials.

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