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The Best Products to Decorate Your Happy Planner

Today’s post is all about the must-have supplies you need to decorate your Happy Planner. Even if you have been planner decorating for a while, check out the list below. You might find a new cool idea you haven’t tried before!

The great thing about the Happy Planner is that you can use it to plan out your days and weeks but also use it as a creative outlet by decorating it to reflect you and your personal style. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s your own so don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine!

If you are looking for more decorating ideas, please see our Planner Decoration Ideas blog post.

In order to decorate your Happy Planner you may need some or all of these decorating accessories. Check them out below.

The Best Products to Decorate Your Happy Planner

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Supplies to Decorate Your Happy Planner

Journaling pens

When looking for pens you would ideally want something with a fine tip so you will be able to write in the small boxes. Also, look for a pen that writes smoothly and doesn’t bleed through the page. For decorating, you will also want a variety of colors. Some highly recommended sets of pens include the following:

iBayam Fineliner Pens

These come in a 24 pack with various colors. They have a 0.38 mm point and are a great price!

Staedtler Fineliner Pens

This set comes with 36 various colors. They also have packs of 20 or 50. These pens have a superfine 0.3 mm point. They also say the pens “can be left uncapped for days without drying up.” Bonus!

Sharpie Art Pens

You probably know Sharpie for their permanent markers, but did you know they make art pens? AND they don’t bleed through paper which is perfect for writing and drawing in your planner.

Washi Tape

Washi tape is just decorative masking tape and you can find it at any craft store or craft or office section of your local store. It comes in a multitude of colors, patterns, and sizes.

Shape Paper Punchers

Make your own stickers with these different shaped paper punchers. Just use a wider washi tape and start punching. Try different colors and patterns of washi tape to make a variety of stickers.

Sticker Books

Stickers, stickers, and more stickers! This will likely be your decorating accessory of choice. There are so many themes and colors to choose from. The Happy Planner stickers are great because they match the planners and fit perfectly on the pages. But you can use any stickers you can find. Remember this is all about making it your own! A great place to find inexpensive stickers is the dollar store.

Happy Planner Box Punch

Use this box punch to cut out rectangles that are the perfect size to fit the boxes in the classic Happy Planner. There’s also a big box punch for the Big Happy Planner. Use scrapbook paper to create boxes that you can use to cover up different areas on your pages.

Ink Stamps

Stamps can be used to add little details to your pages. If you decide to make your own printable pages you can use stamps like these to give more detail to your pages.

Journaling Stencils

Another great way to add detail is by using stencils. This bundle comes with 20 pages of stencils in all kinds of shapes and sizes. These are great to add something different than stickers or stamps.

Sticker Paper

Grab this sticker paper and print your own stickers at home. It works with either laser or inkjet printers. Use some cute clipart, design your own stickers, type out quotes in cute fonts, or print your pictures on the sticker paper. Cut them out, peel off the back and stick them in your planner. What a great way to make your planner your own.

Sprocket Printer

Print out your own pictures to stick in your planner with this portable, wireless printer. The pictures are 2×3 and the printer uses sticky back paper so it is perfect for sticking onto your planner pages. This printer comes highly recommended by some long-time Happy Planners!

I know once you have your Happy Planner in hand, you’ll be so excited to get started decorating and planning out your days, weeks, and months. Try one or all of these easy, simple decorating supplies and start planning now!

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