10 Genius Fridge & Freezer Organization Ideas

If you have a science experiment growing in the back of your fridge, it’s time to take action! Check out these 10 genius fridge and freezer organization ideas you can do right now and have a freshly cleaned refrigerator by the end of the day.

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1. Designate Different Sections in Your Fridge

Designate sections in your fridge for different categories of food. Use one shelf for drinks, make one section for leftovers, or one section for meal prep. Label the shelves with your different sections. It may make it easier for others (like your kids) to know where things go. 

2. Use Clear Bins to Group Items Together 

You can find clear bins on Amazon or pretty much anywhere you shop. Use these to group like items together such as cheeses, snacks, or drinks. Using clear bins allows you to see what you have in the fridge without pulling everything out. 

3. Have an “Eat First” Section

Do your kids always complain that they can’t find anything to eat? Keep an Eat First section or bin in your fridge. Place left overs and foods that are close to expiring and need to eaten first. That way the kids have a go-to when they’re hungry. 

4. Use a Milk Dispenser

Do you have trouble lifting that big gallon of milk? Or do you have younger children that can’t pick it up? Use a beverage dispenser like the one below to pour your gallon of milk into it. That way it’s easier to get milk and the kids can make their own cereal.

5. Label Leftovers

Keep a roll of painter’s tape and a sharpie in a drawer so you can put a label on your leftovers. Put the date and what it is, that way you remember what you have and know if it’s still good or needs to be thrown out.  

6. Get Rid of Expired Foods

Is the food in the back of your fridge becoming a science experiment? Designate a specific time once a week to throw out expired food in the fridge. You can do it the night before your trash pickup day or after you go grocery shopping. Don’t put any new groceries in the fridge until you take the old food out. 

7. Got Fingerprints?

Do you have a stainless steel refrigerator that collects fingerprints? Wipe down the outside with a cleaner or disinfectant. Then polish the outside with Pledge Furniture Polish for a super shiny fingerprint free surface. 

Now on to the freezer…

8. Take Foods Out of the Boxes

Freezers are usually smaller so you need all the real estate you can get. Some foods come in large packaging that takes up a lot of room (think bread in boxes, popsicles, etc.) Take the food out of the boxes to create less bulk. 

9. Separate Meats and Flatten

Separate your meats into portion sizes so they are ready when it’s time to cook. Freeze the meat in zip lock bags as flat as you can get them. For ground beef, put it in a zip lock bag and then roll it out with a rolling pin to flatten it. That way you are able to stack your meat neatly in the freezer. 

10. Time to Defrost? 

Do you have ice building up in your freezer? A quick way to defrost it is to take all the food out and put a bowl of boiling hot water in the freezer and shut the door. Repeat process until it is defrosted. For an even faster way to defrost, use a hairdryer to melt the ice. 

Try these 10 ideas for organizing your fridge and freezer today and have a clean and shiny refrigerator by tonight.

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