Teal Goal Setting Printable

It’s a new year and you know what that means. It’s time to make a goal setting plan. This easy teal goal setting printable is the perfect way to tackle all your goals and make certain that you’re holding yourself accountable as well.

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What I love most about planners is that they help to hold you accountable. No matter what you think you NEED to get done that day, your planner will actually be what can guide you and show you the way. As long as you’re taking the time to fill out your goal setting journal and planner, then you’re doing what it takes to become more organized and accountable for your time.

I also refer to this as my productivity planner because without it, some days I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels. Luckily this goal setting planner keeps me focused, balanced, and ready to tackle whatever the day throws at me.

Teal Goal Setting Printable

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How to Set a Goal

Did you know that most people don’t ever follow through with their goals because they don’t know how to set them? This is true for all of us at one point in time or another. Why let your uncertainty and worry stop you from doing incredible things?

The easiest way to set a goal is to start by writing it down. (and this is where this goal setting PDF comes into play!)

Because if your mind is anything like my mind, you probably have a million thoughts running through it at once. If you don’t write it down, that thought will be gone like a leaf in the wind!

Start by writing down your goals and listing them out by priority on this goal setting printable. Some goals may be future goals and some might be present as well. Once you write them down, you’ve taken the first step in holding yourself accountable for doing what you can to accomplish your daily, weekly, and monthly goals with ease.

Why Set Goals?

My reason for setting goals might be different than your reason and that’s okay. Every person is actually motivated for different reasons in life.

By when I think about setting goals, it’s because I want to be more productive during the day and also hold myself accountable for my time and actions as well.

And even though I can tell myself that over and over again, until I make a written plan and see it that way with my eyes and brains, nothing ever seems to come to fruition.

For me, setting goals not only helps me feel better and have less mental stress but also means that I’m leading by example for my family as well.

This is another reason why this goal setting printable is awesome – it allows each person to fill out each section of this goal setting printable as it works for them and their needs.

Goal Setting Planner

Set Goals that are Measurable

One of the biggest tips to keep in mind when setting goals is that you need to have goals that you can actually do. I’m all about reaching for that pie in the sky but if you’re only setting yourself up for failure by writing out things that you KNOW aren’t physically possible to happen, why do that to yourself? You’re just asking to derail your goal setting the very first day.

(I mean, really…is it possible for you to do ALL the laundry, fold it, AND put it away before lunch?) BE REALISTIC while also being motivated. It can be a hard balance to find at first but you’ll get used to it over time.

Goal Setting Tips

Be true to your strengths and understand that you have weaknesses as well. Setting goals are going to make your strengths really shine and will also highlight what you need help in, too.

But don’t let that worry you. This is actually a good thing. Once you realize your weaknesses, you can easily focus on them more to turn them into your strengths! The entire purpose of having a goal planner is to showcase just how easily you can take charge of your life.

Above all, give yourself a bit of grace in the beginning. The last thing that you want to happen is to have you get burnt out and frustrated before you even get a head start. Mistakes will happen and things will get missed when you’re first starting but let those be learning points and improve!

This goal setting planner is the perfect way to organize your day so that you actually have a bit of free time to do what you want and relax!

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I printed mine out and put it into my Big Happy Planner since I don’t have to worry about cutting it down to size for the other sizes. Easy peasy!

Get access to this goal planner and more inside the Resource Library, get access here.

goal setting printable

You’ll be amazed at how using a goal planner such as this one can easily help you streamline your days. This also means that your life will have less stress, more time, and show you that planning isn’t such a negative experience at all!

Get on track with your Goals!

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