How We Got a Years Worth of Free Diapers

Planning your baby shower is probably one of the highlights of pregnancy. Getting together with friends and family to pick out decorations, cakes, and games can be really exciting for the mother-to-be. At least it was for me. As for my husband, not so much.

I suppose a lot of husbands aren’t really into the pink decor, finger sandwiches and small talk. But he wanted to participate and celebrate our daughter in his own way, so he came up with his own idea for a diaper party. This is how we got a years worth of diapers for practically free.

So my husband plays disc golf. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s the same concept as regular ball golf, but instead uses frisbees that are thrown at baskets reeeeeaaallllly far away. He loves playing in different tournaments on the weekends.

That’s when he came up with the idea to throw his own tournament and call it a “Diaper Dash” instead of having a traditional diaper party.

He teamed up with his friends that throw tournaments in our area and they planned it out. Most disc golf courses are at local parks, so the venue was free. It wasn’t just limited to our circle of friends. It was open to the public, so anyone could play. Players paid a reduced entry fee plus a pack of diapers to participate. The winners at the end got their payout from the entry fees.

There was also a raffle that his friends donated a lot of their own discs to be given away. My husband donated a disc golf bag that he had but never used. I brought some hot dogs, chips, and drinks which I paid about $80 for and we grilled after the tournament as a thank for everyone who participated. It was really amazing to see the disc golf community come together to help out a friend and celebrate the birth of our daughter.

At the end of it all, we ended up with so many diapers I didn’t have enough space to keep them! We also took home about $400 from the raffle that I put towards even more diapers. Altogether I had enough diapers to last me her first year, plus some, since we got some sizes she didn’t fit into yet.

So what’s the takeaway? If you are wanting to really stock up on diapers before your little one gets here, get creative and think outside the box. When my husband told me about his tournament idea, honestly I was a little unsure. But he did a great job and pulled it off with no stress for momma!

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Get Your Own Free Diaper Stockpile

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Get Creative

Think about the things that you regularly participate in such as sports, church, or favorite hangouts. Is there anything that you, your husband or family participate in that you could turn into a diaper party? Maybe something that would normally have an entry fee that you could ask for diapers instead.

Get Donations

Preferably the less money you have to put into the better. That’s money you could be spending on diapers anyway. Can you round up some donations from friends such as prizes or food to be used at your event? Tell your friends and family about the event and that you are looking for donations. People are always happy to contribute even if it’s bringing a simple dish or their favorite recipe.

Get People There

Give people a reason to come to your event. Offer food and drinks or free door prizes. Make your event open to the public or have your friends invite people they know. Get as many people there as you can. Spread the word on social media. The more people you can get to your event, the more diapers for you!

If you are looking for a way to get a diaper stockpile going before your baby gets here, a diaper party is a perfect way. I never imagined I would have so many free diapers before my baby was even here. I have a small close-knit group of friends and I did not want to bother them with trying to have a diaper party, but by making our event public, it gave us the opportunity invite so many more people. And so many people are willing to help out when you have a little one on the way. With a little thinking outside of the box and some creativity, you can do it, too!

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