Happy Planner Sticker Storage Ideas

Today’s post is all about Happy Planner sticker storage ideas. Are you a Happy Planner addict with tons of supplies and no where to put it? Keep reading for some creative ideas to store all those stickers!

If you’re the kind of person that can’t resist going down the planner aisle at the store and grabbing some new pens or a new sticker book, you’re planner supplies are probably piling up. It may be time to start organizing everything.

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The Happy Planner and MAMBI have their own line of sticker storage books and bins, but if you can’t find them online check out your local craft store. You can find Happy Planner supplies and accessories at craft stores such as Joann’s, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and sometimes even your local Walmart.

Of course you can always find other storage products or come up with your own ideas to organize your supplies. Check out some different ideas below.

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Happy Planner Sticker Storage Books

Happy Planner has their own set of sticker storage accessories. The sticker storage book is a disc bound organizer that comes with adhesive tabs that snap in. Just peel the backing off of the tab and sticker the back of your sticker pack to the tab. It’s that easy! It also comes with dividers so you can organize your sticker books by section. 

Happy Planner Sticker Storage Box

Keep all of your books in one spot with a Happy Planner sticker storage box. These boxes are made to fit 21 sticker books. You can find them online or in craft stores such as Joann’s. 

Make Your Own Sticker Books

If you have a disc bound hole punch like this one, you can get some discs and make your own sticker books. Punch holes in the individual sticker sheets and snap onto your discs. Since the stickers on the pages go all the way to the edges the only place you can punch holes wound be along the top of the page.

But even some pages have stickers all the way to the top edge. So another option would be to stick the sheets to a piece of paper and punch holes in the paper. 

  1. Use some plain paper and cut out a box slightly bigger than the sticker sheet itself. Happy Planner sticker sheets are 8.87” tall x 4.75” wide. You can either make the box a little wider than the sticker sheet or a little taller, depending on where you want to punch the holes. 
  2. Glue the back of your sticker sheet to the piece of paper. 
  3. Punch holes in the paper itself either along the side or the top. 
  4. Snap the pieces of paper to the discs. 

Voila! Now you have your own sticker book that you can organize your sticker sheets how you want them. 

Make a Sticker Storage Binder

Another way to organize stickers is to make a sticker storage binder. All you need are some plastic sheet protectors, dividers, and a binder. Put sticker sheets in the sheet protectors and use dividers for different sections. 


Try these oh so cute bins from the Container Store. These are the Like-It Modular Drawer Organizers. They are the perfect size for your Happy Planner sticker books. Grab the 5.5” x 11” x 6” bin for a perfect fit.

Check out the link above and you can download some free designer labels to label your bins with. 

You can also look for bins anywhere else such as Target’s Dollar Spot or at the Dollar Store. Just make sure they are at least 5” wide to fit your Happy Planner sticker books. 

Envelope File Folders

If you are a planner that likes to take your sticker books apart and separate them, then using an envelope file folder may be just the thing you need. These are super inexpensive and you can grab a few at the dollar store. Organize your stickers by category and label each section. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, today’s post has brought you some new ideas that you can find useful. Keeping all of your supplies organized can help you have a better planning session when the time comes. Use your creative energy to create beautiful spreads instead of wasting time and energy digging through piles of supplies. Stay organized and plan out a productive week.

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