How to Get Rid of Morning Sickness

When morning sickness hits you know it. There’s nothing like a little bit of nausea and vomiting to ruin a perfectly good pregnancy. When that queasy feeling strikes, its time to act FAST. On the bright side, there are several different things you can try to get rid of morning sickness.

For most people morning sickness only lasts the first trimester. Unfortunately for others, it could last the whole pregnancy. I had morning sickness the entire time.

All day, every day, for 9 months. That’s a really long time to feel bad! Luckily my doctor gave me a prescription medication that kept my nausea at bay.

Get Rid Of Morning Sickness | Natural Home Remedies | Lemon on Table

If you are experiencing morning sickness talk to your doctor. Although it is a common complaint during pregnancy there may be something else your doctor can do for you, so definitely ask. Until then you can try some of these well-known remedies at home to keep your nausea away.

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Ginger has been used for centuries and is well documented to treat nausea and upset stomach. Ginger is a plant originally from Asia. The root is used as a spice in cooking and also has a number of other health benefits. It is used for morning sickness, motion sickness, menstrual cramps, inflammation, among other things.

Drinking ginger ale is probably the most common use of ginger when it comes to morning sickness. But you could also try drinking ginger tea, snacking on ginger snaps, look for ginger juice online, or get ginger candies in your local grocery store.

You could make your own homemade ginger ale with this quick recipe. Buy a ginger syrup like this organic one from The Ginger People and mix 1 cup of club soda or seltzer water and 3 tablespoons of ginger syrup. Pour over ice and add a lime or lemon (also good for nausea). Keep this refreshing drink handy for when your nausea starts up.

Hard Candies

Suck on hard candies like lemon drops, ginger candies, or peppermints which all help with nausea. You’ve probably seen Preggie Pops or Preggie Pop Drops on store shelves. It’s usually in the baby section. These are lollipops and hard candies that help relieve nausea. You can also find drops that include vitamin B6 (also good for morning sickness). There are all kinds of different brands and flavors as well. Or just go for plain old peppermints if you’re in a pinch!


As a nurse in the hospital, our pockets are always full of alcohol wipes. When patients get nauseous, especially post surgical or chemo patients, we’ll break out an alcohol wipe for the patient to sniff. It will help the nausea subside. If you have a wave of nausea that comes over you, this would be worth a shot.

If the thought of rubbing alcohol isn’t too appealing, try some peppermint, lemon, ginger or mandarin essential oil. You could use an essential oil diffuser to fill your house, office, or car with nausea relieving aromas. Or just put a little essential oil on a cotton swab to sniff when you’re feeling sick.


Acupressure is used for nausea and vomiting caused by a number of things including morning sickness. The pressure point for nausea is located on the wrist. You could buy a product such as Seabands. These wristbands have a small stud that applies pressure at the acupressure point on your wrist.

Or you could just do acupressure on yourself. To find the exact location of the pressure point put one hand with the palm facing up. Put 3 fingers of your opposite hand across your wrist. Then put your thumb under your pointer finger and feel the two tendons. This is the acupressure point. Hold firm pressure for 2-3 minutes and then do the same on the opposite wrist.

Watch what and when you eat

Eating smaller, more frequent meals will keep your stomach filled without being stuffed and you will avoid dips in your blood sugar that can make you feel sick, especially when you’re pregnant. Try to stick with bland foods and avoid greasy, spicy, and fried foods. It’s also a good idea to keep something like saltines next to your bed and eat a few before you get out of bed in the morning.

Vitamin B6 and Doxylamine

Ask your doctor if vitamin B6 is right for you, which has been proven to reduce nausea and vomiting along with Doxylamine which is found in OTC sleep aids. Please consult with your doctor before taking any medications or supplements while pregnant.

Morning sickness is probably one of the worst parts of pregnancy. From my experience and research its really a matter of trial and error to find something that works for you. Just know that it will go away eventually, hopefully, sooner rather than later. Give one of these tried and true home remedies a try for some relief fast.

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