Printable Reading Log to Keep Track of the Books You Read

Ever set one of those big goals to read 52 books in a year? Even if you just want to read more, why not grab this printable reading log to keep track of the books you read.

You won’t remember what you read at the start of the year, and I like to see a list of all of the books I read as an accomplishment.

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Printable Reading Log on desk with books and pencil

If you’ve always wanted to read more but never seem to find the time. You can give yourself a goal of reading 20 minutes each night or 1 book every two weeks.

Then add them to your printable so that you can see what you’ve completed.

It will help you get motivated to read more. Just like how you feel like you never have enough time to start something new.

Add it into your routine, then you’ll start a new habit.

Reading allows you to destress and take some quiet time for yourself.

Even when the world around you is in chaos, you can dive into a good book and forget about what’s happening now if it’s a good book.

You may be a fan of fiction or non-fiction, mystery, thrillers, or sci-fi or romance novels.

You get to choose who’s world you get to jump into today.

Want an exciting thriller filled with action or a sad love story? You get to use you imagination and work those brain muscles reading.

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Why reading before bed is good for you

Reading allows you to slow down and relax. It can be very calming and puts your mind at ease so that you can more easily fall asleep. I enjoy reading as a relaxing activity but if reading thriller or mystery novels gets you ramped up or the book is too good to put down and you end up falling asleep too late, that may not be the best time for you to read.

Not saying I’ve done that or anything.

Let’s just say I love a good book.

Reading a physical books limits the time you spend staring at your phone at night where the blue light can actually keep you up even longer.

I love setting aside my devices for the feel and smell of a book.

While I do read books through Kindle or Overdrive, I do prefer to read a physical book.

If you’re not finding the joy of reading, perhaps you haven’t found the series or author that you love.

If you’re struggling to find new books to read, you can do searches for books that are similar to books you’ve read that you already like.

Our library has a way to do this and just Googling it may unearth other authors or series you may like.

Once I find an author I like, I will try to read their other books too. I love a good series because you get to know the characters better and dive into their world and their problems.

Some good books I’ve read lately:

Educated by Tara Westover

Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Still not convince, hello audiobooks!

That’s totally reading when you finish an audiobook. Some books may be more difficult to read or you just want to be able to do the dishes or workout while you take in a new book.

When you join Audible for the first time, you get two free audiobooks. I’ve used up mine and stayed on to get some great deals for audiobooks.

Reading Log Printable with pink reading log title and teal colored chart to keep track of books you are reading.

Grab this printable reading log to keep track of all of the books you’ll be reading this year.

Start small, dedicate 15 minutes to reading each day and then in no time you’ll be reading each day for even longer.

Reading doesn’t have to be a chore, once you find a good book you won’t want to put it down.

>> Get access to the Reading Log in the Resource Library.

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