My Top 10 Free Happy Planner Printables

Today I’m posting a round up of my top 10 free Happy Planner printables. If you’re new to using a Happy Planner then these are an inexpensive way get started. Or if you’ve been using a Happy Planner for a while, maybe you’re looking for something new to add to yours.

If you love the Happy Planner, you must see this bigger list of Happy Planner Printables.

If you haven’t joined the Resource Library yet you’re missing out! I add new Happy Planner printables to the library often. And the best part is they’re all FREE!

Some of my printables have color to make them more fun. I’ve also left some of the printables in black and white. The fun part about having a Happy Planner is getting to decorate your spreads. Sometimes it’s easier to start with a plain black and white layout and you can add stickers and decorations as you see fit. That way you don’t have to worry about trying to match the colors on the pages or cover them up.

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Free Happy Planner Printables

So without further adieu, here are my best Happy Planner printables.

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Weekly Layouts

Happy planner weekly layouts come in a variety of different spreads. Most common are vertical, horizontal and dashboard. I’ve made my own version of these popular pages. I’ve also kept them undated so you can use them anytime of the year.

Below is one of the vertical undated layouts in the Resource Library.

The following are examples of horizontal layouts that you can find in the Resource Library.

These Planner Organization Tips Will Keep Your Life On Track

Check out this post I wrote about keeping your planner organized. It goes into more detail about the different calendar layouts. It also has great tips on how to set up your planner so you are getting the most out of using it.

Below is a 2 page dashboard layout. These are a fan favorite because it gives you room to plan your week as well as plan your errands, shopping and more.

happy planner dashboard layout

5 Happy Planner Dashboard Hacks

If you don’t like your dashboard layouts to have color or you like to personalize the box titles to something that better fits you, check out this post I wrote that gives 5 hacks to cover up those boxes.

If you are into meal planning I have two different styles of meal planners. By the way, you can resize any printables to fit into your Happy Planner. The directions are at the top of the Resource Library page.

I have a great “Get Your Kitchen Organized” series that will help you get your pantry, fridge and freezer, and kitchen clean and organized. Check it out here. And to help you keep it that way, be sure to download the Cleaning Schedule below.

Cleaning Schedule Printable

Happy Planner Cleaning Schedule Printable

Is it time to get your home clean and organized? This handy Cleaning Checklist will help you keep track of what you have cleaned throughout the week. And it can help keep you accountable for keeping your home clean and beautiful!

vision board template

Happy Planner Inspiration: Vision Board Layout

Visualization is a great way to focus your attention on the things you want in your life. Vision boards are very popular, but if you don’t have anywhere to keep a big vision board, keep it right inside your planner. That way when you open it each day, you will be reminded of the good things you are bringing into your life. Read this post to find out how to use this beautiful vision board spread in your planner.

These aren’t the only Happy Planner printables I have in the Resource Library. Check out the other printables when you get the password sent to your email.

Like I said above, you can resize any printable to fit your mini, classic, or big Happy Planner. The instructions are at the top of the Resource Library page. Or if you don’t have a Happy Planner you can still download any printable to use as is, or keep in a binder! I hope you enjoy these printables are find them useful.

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