Simple Printable Grocery List

Do you keep going over your budget with your weekly shopping trips? Grab this simple printable grocery list to make shopping a breeze.

When you go shopping with a list, you tend to stay on a budget, you don’t forget important things on the list, and you’re not running around the store like a madman looking for that one thing you forgot so you get it done faster.

Who doesn’t want that? I hate spending more time in the store than I have to.

I’m able to plan out my meals with things that are on sale for the week rather than going by how hungry I feel in the grocery store.

You know you’ve done that too.

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Simple Printable Grocery List

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Why use a grocery list?

You stay organized and it’s easier for you to only buy items on your list to make your budget happy.

You’re not wasting time wondering what that one item you forgot was and then remember as you step outside into the parking lot. Have you ever went to store for one thing came out with 15 and then completely forgot that one thing?

Yeah, I’ve totally done that.

You know when you say you need one thing in Target or Walmart, but the dollar aisle is calling you and the shirt looks cute and you’re running out of hand soap so you’re running around the store with items you didn’t really need but someone end up purchasing.

When you organize your list by categories, you won’t miss anything in that aisle which saves you from running around the store. And now that we have to physically distance ourselves in stores and they’re routes that you have to follow, forgetting something can be a huge pain.

Simple Printable Grocery List

Sometimes I don’t know what type of meat is on sale in the store so I wait to fill things in after I head to the meat section first. If I’m waiting on sale before I can do a large pot roast that affects my shopping list.

If I’m waiting to see if chicken or ground beef is on sale this week, that affects if what we eat during the week. Sides and things are easy to decide or change up but then it adds pasta and sauce to my list if I’m going to have ground beef.

As long as I can pull to the side to work on my list I can get everything I need.

For me, I do have to write everything down. I will always forget, always.

So if you’re like me, you totally need this list, print out the PDF doublesided so that you can save paper and only need to carry around one page.

Don’t just download it and save it but put it on the fridge and build your list during the week.

Did you run out of mustard or pickles? Add it to the list.

If you do your shopping at the end of the week, it will be harder for you to remember what you ran out of on Monday.

If your list is in a convenient place, you’ll be able to add what you need to it as you remember. Things like shampoo, soap, dog food or garbage bags that you don’t usually get on a regular basis always seem to get forgotten. Not anymore.

You’ve added them to your list.

See how handy it is?

When you’re ready to go shopping, look up the store sales, fill in the supplies that you’ll need for the week ahead, check with family members to see what they need and go.

Easy peasy, and you didn’t forgett that “something” you needed earlier in the week.

Now to shop and get everything that is actually on there, that’s another story but at least you’ll be prepared.

Get access to the Grocery List in the Resource Library.

Print out the grocery list to make sure you save money and don’t forget important items on your next shopping trip.

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